To get the answers to all your warranty needs please find the appropriate question below for your situation and there you will find your answer. 

What does my Manufacturer's warranty cover?
Any material or workmanship found to be defective as determined by Duruxx with-in the warranty period shall be remedied without charge for parts or labor at any authorized Duruxx dealer located within the United States of America.
What does my Manufacturer’s warranty cover?

Engine Engine 1 Year Limited*
Cooling System Cooling System 1 Year Limited*
Drivetrain Components Transmission 1 Year Limited*
Exhaust Muffler, Manifold 1 Year Limited*
Chassis Chassis 1 Year Limited*
Lubricated Components Lubricated Components 1 Year Limited*
Suspension Shocks 1 Year Limited*
Electrical-Not covered if charged incorrectly (i.e. jumping with another vehicle, not using a charger). Wire Harness, E.C.U. 1 Year Limited*
Clutch Clutch 1 Year Limited*
Brakes Brakes 1 Year Limited*
Battery Battery ***Not Covered
What does my Manufacturer's warranty NOT cover and/or Exclude?
The Limited Warranty is applicable only to a new vehicle sold to an Original Purchaser, unless otherwise ownership registration is transferred correctly with in the warranty year period Transfer Warranty  that has not been altered, modified, or changed in any manner or way unless the new vehicle was altered, modified, or changed with the expressed written permission of Duruxx. If the vehicle comes equip with a restrictor, removing this component, will void the Limited warranty.
What does my Manufacturer’s warranty NOT cover and/or exclude?

Vehicle Negligence, Alterations, misuse…  Vehicle that, in Company’s sole judgment, has been subjected to abuse, alteration,
modification, tampering, negligence, misuse, lack of reasonable care, accident, or other external
causes, including but not limited to fire or flood;
Vehicle Identification Alterations…  Vehicle that has had serial numbers altered, tampered with, defaced or removed;
Improper Vehicle Maintenance/Repair… Vehicle that has been subjected to improper or incorrectly performed maintenance
or repair;
Improper Vehicle use Vehicle that has been damaged as a result of a failure to maintain or use the
Vehicle in accordance with the instructions in the Owner’s Manual issued to the Original
EXCLUDED PARTS Brake linings and/or pads, external springs, spark plus, cables, any part made from
rubber, Tires, rims, body panels, shocks, gaskets, CV Boots, filters, light bulbs, clutch
wear parts, nuts, bolts, batteries and fasteners;
Vehicle Accidents  Damage to Vehicle due to a collision or other accident.
Vehicle racing  Use of the Vehicle in any way for the purpose of racing.
Incorrect Vehicle Lubricants Damage or failure resulting from the use of non-recommended oil, lubricants or
fluids is not covered by this warranty.
TOWING Damage resulting from improper transportation and/or towing of Vehicle.
How do I file a Warranty Claim?
You can File A Warranty Claim Here, but you must first email The Warranty Claim Dept at to obtain your Warranty Claim Number and to gain access to the Warranty Claim form. Once you have received your warranty claim number you can File A Warranty Claim Here
Does my factory warranty cover transporting the vehicle to and from the dealership?
Sorry, but transportation of the vehicle is the owner’s responsibility even for a warranty repair and recall.
Does my Manufacturer's warranty cover towing or pay for a rental car while my Duruxx is being repaired?
Sorry but towing and rental car charges are not covered by your Manufacturer’s warranty.
My Duruxx vehicle is in need of repair, but the warranty has expired. Will assistance be offered to me?
All repair assistance offered by Duruxx must be coordinated through an authorized Duruxx dealer. If the warranty on your Duruxx product has expired, you must authorize a repair inspection through an authorized Duruxx dealer at your expense. Once a diagnosis of the problem has been made, your dealer will forward their findings to Duruxx’s technical staff to see if assistance can be offered.
Is my Manufacturer's Limited Warranty valid at all Authorized Duruxx dealers?
Yes, your Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty and Duruxx Durable Protection Plus Plan™ are valid at all Authorized Duruxx dealers in the continental United States. The dealer must be authorized to sell and/or service your Duruxx product.
Can I go to a non-Duruxx dealer for warranty work?
Sorry, but only Authorized Duruxx Dealers and/or Authorized Duruxx Servicers are allowed to perform warranty work on your Duruxx product. To get a mechanic tech in your area approved as an Authorize Duruxx Servicer GO HERE.
Is my warranty good outside of the United States?
The warranty on Vehicles purchased in the 48 contiguous states and Alaska is valid only in these areas.
Is my first service free?
No. Maintenance services are not included in the warranty coverage. Those costs are the responsibility of the consumer.
Am I required to take my Duruxx vehicle to an Authorized Duruxx Dealer for service and maintenance work?
No, but we request that you keep written records and receipts showing that the service and maintenance work has been performed according to the schedule of maintenance in your Owner’s Manual.
Can I do my own oil changes?
Yes, but we request that you keep written records and copies of receipts showing the oil changes were done.
How long is the Manufacturer's spare parts warranty?
The Manufacturer’s spare parts warranty on New Genuine Duruxx parts is 90 days from the date of purchase.
How long is the Manufacturer's warranty on my Duruxx accessory?
Duruxx warrants most accessories for 90 days from the date of purchase. Premium Audio System components are warrantied for one year.
How do I transfer the warranty on my Vehicle if I sell it? Is it transferable?
Yes, the base warranty and The Duruxx Durable Protection Plus Plan™ extended coverage is transferable at no cost to you. If you need to transfer ownership please go to Transfer Ownership Here. New owners are required to submit a copy of the product’s state registration or a bill of sale before our records can be updated. The paperwork can be uploaded electronically.
How do I change my name or address on my Duruxx product registration records?
How do I change my name or address on Duruxx product registration records? Current Owners can Update Owner’s Registration Info Here to change their name and/or address. A VIN/DPIN is required to make any changes. Registration Here Does Not Register your street legal vehicle with your state DMV